Acupuncture Syncope

Acupuncture syncope. That simply means fainting during an acupuncture session. Can a couple of fine needles make a big, grown man faint? You bet. The vast majority of fainting cases are not because of improper technique. The masters frequently encounter them. This novice already had 2 encounters. They were both healthy looking young men in […]

Pathways Of A Headache

The Meridian Theory in TCM distinguishes the pathway or “origin” of a headache by its location. The beauty of this system lies in the fact that you can treat an illness at one part of the body using a distal or “remote” point, the safest and most convenient of which are located on the limbs. […]

Western Sedation & Eastern Acupuncture

We all know that acupuncture does not work when the area to be treated is anaesthetised. Hence, it sort of rules out the option of doing acupuncture for patients who can’t stand needle sensation. But I just discovered something interesting. Acupuncture works with sedation. A patient sedated with intravenous Dormicum responded to acupuncture treatment like […]


Is infection a possible complication of acupuncture? Recently, the mother-in-law of a friend of mine went for acupuncture at a reputable institution in Singapore. She complained of knee pain and received a few needles in her knee. A few days later, she developed severe pain and swelling in her knee joint. An infection has set […]