Is this a kind of Japanese acupressure method or la jing (stretching tendons)?

Good tips for locating Zhangmen. “Never inferior to the umbilicus and never posterior to the mid-axillary line.”

We’ve always been taught to go for ashi points in cases like trigger finger and plantar fasciitis. One disadvantage of ashi points is that they can be so painful. Another […]

Acupuncture Syncope

Acupuncture syncope. That simply means fainting during an acupuncture session. Can a couple of fine needles make a big, grown man faint? You bet. The vast majority of fainting cases […]

Pathways Of A Headache

The Meridian Theory in TCM distinguishes the pathway or “origin” of a headache by its location. The beauty of this system lies in the fact that you can treat an […]


Is infection a possible complication of acupuncture? Recently, the mother-in-law of a friend of mine went for acupuncture at a reputable institution in Singapore. She complained of knee pain and […]